Ventus - Gas turbine

The Ventus gas turbine is developed by ATT in order to cope with demands within industrial applications.

A very compact and robust industrial gas turbine wich effectively generates both high velocity air and heat based on combustion of diesel

  • Can be used in applications, where small size is critical
  • Can be used in tough conditions
  • Important parts have got a surface treatment in order to increase life time

Vertus technical data

Power: 350 kW

Output air
Volume: 100,000 l/min. at maximum speed
Velocity: Above 300 m/s
Temperature: 600° C/1112 F at outlet 

Standard automative fuel (HDI) Diesel with addition of 5% ATT Turbine oil Best nr. 7000 - 80
US spec: 1-D s 15 ULSD
EU spec: EN 590

Controls and accessories
Motor control (ECU) developed by ATT
Fuel pump and control developed by ATT

Nexus - Jet turbine

A high performance jet turbine for professional applications.

A high performance jet turbine, which generates power and thrust based on combustion of jet fuel