ATT Presentation, Russia

ATT Presentation at the Russian Federation Committee Seminar on Road Construction and Safety Materials & Services in Moscow on January 31st 2018.

At the yearly seminar of the committee, ATT was represented by Active Line (ATT Distributor for road marking in Russia) and ATT CEO Brian E. Andersen. Approximately ten other organizations and companies were presenting statistics, developments and products – all with the focus of improving the safety and road conditions in Russia.

The two presentations with information on global and local operations with Zirocco were conducted respectively by Vadim Gulyarenko (Active Line) and Brian E. Andersen, and were very well received by the audience (app. 150 guests, who are stakeholders in the road marking industry ).

This seminar proves the demand in the market for the Zirocco road dryer. The effectiveness and quality on components and services related to the Zirocco is in high demand in especially Russia due to the rough weather and road conditions in this market.

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