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We develop, manufacture and deliver both competitive and customized solutions based on small gas turbines.

Our main objective is to ensure that our customers can achieve their business targets by providing competitive and customized solutions to their needs and demands.

We do that by developing, manufacturing and delivering a very compact, powerful and reliable gas turbine – which is the core of advanced solutions made by our customers or machinery that we make in order to deliver a complete solution.

New variations:

Crack repair extension

Concrete drying 1200 mm

The ideal solution for airport runways

"The drying unit is a tremendous help to us at the airport in Zurich after demarcation, since it enables us to start the initial marking faster. We can further conduct marking operations efficiently during the marginal times of spring and autumn. Before we had the drying unit, we often had to wait or pre-dry with a Bunsen burner, which is incomparable with the Zirocco. The Zirocco is the most efficient drying unit ever."

Jakob Sieber, Zürich Airport

The ideal solution for road marking

"We have been working together with ATT for many years and are very pleased with the cooperation and the Zirocco. This unique drying unit has solved many problems and helped us in periods when there has been too high humidity or rainfall. The Zirocco enables us to work with road marking under bad weather conditions and to keep a very high quality standard. We can highly recommend the Zirocco."

Dan Di Michele, co-owner of Techniroute

The ideal solution for crack repair

"We are working with crack repair´s and have been looking for a cleaning & drying equipment for many years. We where looking for a fast and reliable unit and found this at ATT the Zirocco This dryer helps us and our client´s to clean and dry the cracks before the new filling can be done in a very quick manner and at a very high level of quality. We can only recommend this perfect unit for Crack repair."

Nino Pokoy - Owner, Diamasa Germany

The ideal solution for temporary marking -tape

"We are very pleased with the cooperation with ATT and their turbine dryer the Zirocco. This unique drying unit has helped us a lot in periods when there has been too high humidity or rainfall, so we have not been able to perform our work. Now we are very flexible and can finish the work we previously could not have done. We use Zirocco to wipe the surface before we can work with tape marking, while we can preheat this and thus easily remove the tape.
We highly recommend this machine."

Jens Selling  - CEO, AVS Germany

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