About us

The company Applied Turbine Technologies ApS (ATT) was established in 2010 with the purpose of creating a business based on small gas turbines.

The first application was born in the late 2000’s  – it could be used for road cleaning and drying instead of the existing equipment, which uses LPG gas equipment and compressors in order to generate high air velocity and heat. 

The road cleaner and dryer was launched to the market under the brand name Zirocco. In order to cope with the demands within the market area, it has been necessary to develop a new industrial gas turbine with the brand name Ventus.

Applied Turbine Technologies is based on many years of experiences and comprehensive competences within gas turbines and aerodynamics. This is extended with knowledge on the demands within industrial production and quality assurance.

Our mission

We will develop, manufacture and promote machines and equipment based on the application of gas turbine technology. Primary focus will be on small to midsized gas turbines below 500 kW.

We will be a company recognized by our ability to generate innovative solutions that create high value for customers in terms of performance, cost and quality.

Our mission statement is illustrated by our logo:

  • The logo symbolises the dynamics of gas expanding through the turbine
  • From the core (gas turbines) development will take place in different directions – as for example road cleaners and dryers.


ATT was established in 2010 with the purpose of creating a business based on small to midsized micro gas turbines below 500kW.

After several years of development, where all critical parts of a miniature turbojet engine were tested and new solutions found, ATT was able to sell the first high quality and performance road dryer in 2014, running on diesel. The Zirocco were quickly adopted by customers and within a few years they gained a significant global market share. Today ATT is represented in more than 14 European countries, USA, Canada & Russia.

This development has created a strong foundation for Applied Turbine Technologies.