The Zirocco - Road dryer and cleaner

Zirocco brings turbine technology and state-of-the-art mobile electronic controls into surface treatment for the road marking industry and airports, where quick repairs are essential. It is therefore the perfect solution for cleaning and drying surfaces before crack repair, sealings of cracks, filler renewal, concrete drying and road/foil markings.


  • Effective cleaning and drying with very low operation costs. Estimated pay-back time of the machine is below 100 hrs. of operation.

  • Very flexible machine that can be used both as a hand pushed version for small jobs and pushed by a line-driver for larger projects.

  • Independent and convenient handling of the machine as there is no need for an air compressor.

  • Uses standard diesel EN 590. No pressurized LPG is used which means that road dryer can be safely used in populated areas.

  • Drying and cleaning speed up to 3-6 km/hrs. (2-4 miles/hrs) depending on road/weather conditions and nozzle width.

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Technical data

Temperature and air velocity at surface measured by FORCE Technology

Motor: 350 kW micro gas turbine
Output air: 100 cubic metres of airflow per minute 
Temperature at surface: Approx. 350-550°C/660-1020 F

Total weight of machine approx. 100 kg/220 lbs.
Drying width: approx. 15 cm, 30 cm, 40 cm or 100cm (6 in, 12 in, 24 in or 39 in)

Fuel: Standard automotive fuel (HDI) DIESEL with addition of 5% ATT Turbine oil Best nr. 7000 - 80
US spec: 1-D S15 ULSD.
EU spec: EN 590.

Battery: 12V 60Ah or higher sized battery
Air filter: ATT 5000 – Best nr. 5000 - 50
Fuel filter: ATT Type Filter 52-40

Quality components

  • Our Display DP250 and Controller MC 050 PLUS 1, are from Danfoss Power Solutions and observe all requirements for the mobile industrial use.
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  • The new wireless Service Remote Solution from Danfoss Power Solutions - Telematics.
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