Applied Turbine Technologies

We develop, manufacture and deliver both competitive and customized solutions based on small gas turbines.

The core business

Our main objective is to ensure that our customers can achieve their business targets by providing competitive and customized solutions to their needs and demands.

We do that by developing, manufacturing and delivering a very compact, powerful and reliable gas turbine – which is the core of advanced solutions made by our customers or machinery that we make in order to deliver a complete solution.

Our strength is based on turbine technology platforms:
Ventus (Latin for wind): A very compact and robust industrial gas turbine, which effectively generates both high velocity air and heat based on combustion of diesel.

Customized solution:
Zirocco (Latin for hot dessert wind): An effective road dryer and cleaner based on the Ventus turbine.

Exhibitions - Meet us

Highways SIB

09-11-2016 Leicestershire, UK

HOFMANN TechnologyDay & Expo 2016

24-11-2016 Rellingen, Germany

Inter Airport Europe 2017

10-10-2017 Munich, Germany

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